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Pulsic Unity

Precision Design Automation

for Custom Digital ICs

The world's leading

memory periphery

design solution

Pulsic Unity

Physical Design Platform for

Custom Digital and Memory

Achieving success in the highly specialized field of Custom Digital and AMS design requires balancing the key commercial priorities of yield, area and performance. The Pulsic Unity custom design platform addresses each of these challenges. Its advanced automation capabilities enable semiconductor companies to maintain a competitive edge by delivering high yield and high performance while reducing time to market.

Today’s design teams require an integrated set of physical design tools that is architected from the ground up to address the needs of complex custom digital and mixed-signal designs at the 28nm and below process node. Pulsic Unity is the backbone for the industry’s most comprehensive Precision Design Automation solutions available for physical designs

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Design Planning

The Pulsic Planning Solution is a fully integrated, made-for-custom solution that automates full-chip planning and top-level routing for advanced custom designs. It is the first complete planning solution to enable both top-down and bottom-up hierarchical floorplanning for custom ICs

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Unity Chip Planner gives accurate results quickly and enables custom design teams to respond to netlist changes quickly and easily. Unity Chip Planner is a fully integrated floorplanning environment for custom ICs. The guided flow offered in Unity Chip Planner helps ensure faster design closure with successful results, every time.

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Pulsic Unity Bus Planner provides  easy, GUI-driven interactive solution for planning and routing of hundreds of buses. Easily handle large buses with 1000+ bits per bus. Place and route signal repeater cells. Complete your bus and repeater-cell planning in minutes or hours rather than in days or weeks.

Unity Signal Planner is a new, flexible approach to signal routing, designed from the ground up to deliver a complete and robust solution to the specific routing challenges of custom ICs. Route hierarchically complex custom chips in a fraction of the time required using manual, or even semi-automated, routing approaches. 

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Design Implementation

Built on the innovative, production-proven Pulsic Unity™ technology, Pulsic Implementation Solution automates precise, handcrafted-quality placement and routing for advanced custom digital and analog and designs. Custom digital designers need flows, not just technologies. Pulsic Implementation Solution combines innovative technologies into guided flows that help even non-expert users achieve the best solutions quickly and reliably.

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Unity Custom Digital Router delivers precise, handcrafted-quality results, automatically. An advanced shape-based model and a seamlessly integrated suite of routing technologies deliver optimal results. Unity Custom Digital Router works with the most advanced process rules (28nm and below), and excels with extreme aspect ratios, minimal routing layers, and complex floorplans.

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Unity Custom Digital Placer offers a unique combination of placement technologies that enable precise, hand-placed quality, automatically. Unity Custom Digital Placer includes precision placement technologies such as high-quality, row-based placement; non-standard and multi-height cell alignment; hierarchical clustering; and cluster control and pre-route-aware placement.


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